Working with Savepoint

Here I'll write about Odoo transactions.

It's a general recommendation to let Odoo manage transactions and Odoo does it quite well.

By default a new transaction is opened on every HTTP request thus covering the whole bunch of operations the method executed.

If an exception happends during any method execution the whole transation is rolled back and error is returned.

But sometimes we need to keep some amount of work done in the middle of request and if the rest of the request fails we are saved.

This is done by using call.


Savepoint defines a new saving point in current transation. So when an error occurs the transation is rolled back to that point.

If no error happens RELEASE SAVEPOINT is called to keep the effects of commands executed after the savepoint was established.

Here is the code snippet from odoo/

def savepoint(self, flush=True):
    """context manager entering in a new savepoint"""
    name = uuid.uuid1().hex
    if flush:
    self.execute('SAVEPOINT "%s"' % name)
        if flush:
    except Exception:
        if flush:
        self.execute('ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT "%s"' % name)
        self.execute('RELEASE SAVEPOINT "%s"' % name)


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