Form's initial mode

When you click on a tree view row a form view is opened and this form is opened in read mode.

When you click the Create button from a tree view, a new record form view is opened in edit mode (how otherwise? :-)

But sometimes it's more usable to immediately open an existing record in edit mode.

This can be done using form option initial_mode.

In different Odoo versions this can be done in different ways:


In this version it can work in form declaration (by chance as developers say) like in the following example:

<form options="{'initial_mode': 'edit'}">

If transition from tree to form is done within python code:

return {
    'type': action.type,
    'views': [(form_id, 'form')],
    'view_mode': 'action.view_mode',
    'context': action.context,
    'res_model': action.res_model,
    'flags': {'initial_mode': 'edit'},

11.0, 12.0, ...

Next Odoo versions "fix" the above and now you should use context:

context = dict(self.env.context)
context['form_view_initial_mode'] = 'edit'
return {
    'type': 'ir.actions.act_window',
    'view_type': 'form',
    'view_mode': 'form',
    'res_model': 'your.model',
    'res_id': your_object_id,
    'context': context,



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